STICHTITE “The Kundalini Awakening Stone” STICHTITE facilitates the awakening of the dormant Kundalini energy located at the base of the human spine. Once activated the Kundalini energy will rise up through each of the 7 major chakras and flow out through the Crown chakra. Hence, this activation shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is dangerous and […]



SUNSET AURA (QUARTZ) “The Stone of New Beginnings” High Vibration Crystal Sunset Aura is a new addition to the enhanced group of crystals referred to as ‘Aura Quartz’. Similar to a sunset on a warm summer evening, Sunset Aura has a warm nurturing vibration that reminds us about how each with every ending  comes a new […]


Abalone Shell

ABALONE SHELL “The Stone of The Sea” Abalone comes from a shell with various different colors that represents the beautiful colors of the open sea. The vibrations of this stone is known to open one up to emotional expression. When held it relaxes and calms. It teaches one about the everlasting changes of all beauty […]

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Padparascha Sapphire: Stone of Wisdom

PADPARADSCHA SAPPHIRE “Stone of Wisdom” [Padparascha Sapphire carries the PINK RAY of Influence] Similar to Sapphire, Padparascha Sapphire, share the same exact qualities. They each work with the higher mind through triggering intuition, clarity and self-mastery. The metaphysical properties of these tones go on to being worn throughout the ages for various things, such as protection, […]

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MOLDAVITE “The Stone of Spiritual Elevation” High Vibration Crystal MOLDAVITE is a beneficial stone for anyone on a spiritual journey. It will shine light on the purpose behinds ones life. Beware, the vibrations of this stone are very powerful. It is known that just holding a piece of Moldavite, even for a just a second, […]

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