Titanium Aura Quartz


[Enhanced form of QUARTZ]


“The Stone of Universal Light”

High Vibration Crystal

TITANIUM AURA is a form of Quartz, which is combined with titanium (the metal of power). Titanium is one of the strongest and most beautiful of all metals. As you can see the colors of this stone are just beautiful.

With most crystals the vibrations do the healing. However, the healing properties are a little different with this crystal. The colors on its surface are amplified by its main foundation, Clear Quartz, and is actually granted with enhanced healing powers.

The vibrational energy, along with the color of this crystal has the ability to heal the human energy field. Together they merge with the aura to release any energy blocks and patch up holes in the aura by its color. It enhances ones physical vitality and brings more energy into the auric field. It is stimulating to the auric field and meridians, acting as a prism for soul-level energy, infusing the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light.

TITANIUM AURA allows for one to go deep into meditation to receive spiritual attunement. Overall this crystal is one that brings insight, compassion, energy, excitement and joy into life’s experiences. It is capable of carrying higher frequency range, excellent for trance channels, mediums, psychics and maintains grounding while in a higher state of consciousness.


CHAKRA(s): All; Third Eye, Higher Crown, Etheric & Soma






  • Power
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Healing
  • Grounding
  • Protection


  • Protection From Electromagnetic Fields


  • Harmony
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Creativity
  • Art
  • Third-Eye
  • Mysticism
  • Meditation
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Introspection
  • Clairvoyance
  • Joy
  • Insight
  • Channeling
  • Psychic Communication
  • Psychic Visions



  • Used in meditation to stimulate the movement of the Kundalini Energy to the Crown Chakra
  • Activates and balances the seven major chakras
  • Assist in contacting Ancient Greek civilizations during meditation
  • Removes creative blockages and enhances creative powers
  • Assist with reading people
  • Helps release negative emotional blockage
  • The antidote to sluggishness and fatigue
  • Resonates to the energies of Mars, action and movement
  • Opens psychic channels
  • Promotes Clairvoyance and all forms of “seeing”
  • Allows for communication with higher guides
  • This stone enhances and strengthens the energy of other stones
  • Stimulates visionary experiences and communication across dimensional barriers
  • Activates the Rainbow Body
  • Assists in communicating with ET’s, Light Entities, and Etheric entities
  • Efficient receptor for programming
  • Used to make Light Tools and crystal energy devices
  • Resonates to the mystical energies of the planet Neptune
  • Enhances physical vitality by bringing more energy into the auric field
  • Excellent crystal for use in spiritual initiations and rituals
  • Once programmed it can assist with developing aura, or subtle body, reading abilities
  • Brings insight and healing to dysfunctional relationships
  • Helps to release deep resentments, grief and karmic ties


  • Master Healer For Any Condition
  • Stimulates The Endocrine System
  • Activates a Sluggish Immune System
  • Brings The Body Back Into Balance
  • Excellent In Soothing Burns
  • Beneficial For Diabetes
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • Multidimensional Cellular Memory Healing
  • Assists In The Treatment of Hormonal Dysfunction
  • Helps Treat Throat, Ear and Eye Disorders

29 thoughts on “Titanium Aura Quartz

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  2. “it protects from electromagnetic fields”. . . we have an electromagnetic field that’s produced from our hearts and surround our bodies. not sure if having something that protects against that is a good idea. just saying

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  6. I just received several drilled pieces of titanium quartz yesterday and last night I had an out of body experience. This was not something I was trying for, it just happened. I wasn’t aware of the metaphysical properties of this crystal but something told me that it was probably responsible for my experience, so I googled it and that’s what brought me here. Very strange but awesome experience!

    • Your vibration is probably not in tune with this crystal. This causes one to be ungrounded and feel woosy. Let your energy get use to the crystal by using it a little at a time. Also, you might want to add a grounding stone to keep you close to Mother Earth. I hope this helps. Jen 🙂

  7. Mystic Quartz is “Lab Created” and does not have Metaphysical Properties as there is no Matrix structure to this type of gem.
    However, authentic Titanium Rainbow Aura is “Natural” product that is made when quartz crystal is put into a vacuum chamber and infused with precious metals. Therefore you get the metaphysical properties of metal and quartz. Which is Highly useful in common and esoteric practices.
    You can find more info about this at http://www.aurazencrystals.com

  8. Is the Titanium Aura Quartz the same thing as the Mystic Quartz which is also bonded with Titanium. I have a beautiful rainbow Mystic Quartz pendant and am looking for the metaphysical properties of it. Thanks!

    • Titanium Quartz and Mystic Quartz do not possess the same metaphysical properties. However, they both share the same qualities of titanium and clear quartz.

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  10. Has anyone had experience in using this to move kundalini energy? I had never seen this crystal before and one night I woke up out of a dead sleep after an experience I had in which I felt an energy zip from my root up through my crown and when it reached my crown it was very intense and I was presented with a picture of this crystal in my mind’s eye. I tried to explain what it looked like to someone and they thought it was rainbow obsidian but after seeing this for the first time I know this is it.

    • Hi! I had a dream a good few years ago, but for me it was ZIRCON, before i even knew what it was. I “automatically” knew it was a crystal. It took me a while to get one, and when i did, it felt so good. Have a great experience with your special stone. I also was drawn to this crystal tonight, and am hoping to get one soon. Regards. Jackie

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