“The Magician’s Stone”

NUUMMITE is a great stone for grounding energy and centering the ethereal body

NUUMMITE is the stone of the Black Ray, which depends our connection to the physical plane, material realm.  It is a strong protection and grounding stone that draws from the fiery energies of the Earth and combines them with the transformational energies of storm.

NUUMMITE aids in helping us achieve self-mastery

The vibrations of NUUMMITE enhances our intuition, increases luck and magic, assists in developing personal power, along with the psychic ability of clairvoyance.

NUUMMITE protects the human aura as well as the atmosphere of any environment

NUUMMITE has the ability to take one on a journey, deep into their inner psyche, to the core of who they are to get a better dose of their true self. It helps release blocks or trapped things that are stuck within the subconscious, which will leave us with a stronger ability of healing, masculine energy and self-mastery.

NUUMMITE gives us courage to go deep within and face the shadow self

NUUMMITE aligns the subtle bodies, strengthens the aura and places a shield around the person to protect from negative energies, pollutants and manipulations.

Shamans used Nuummite to travel into the lower planes to locate and retrieve lost souls to integrate them back into their true-self for healing


CHAKRA(s): Earth Star, Root, Solar Plexus, Third-Eye & Crown (Stimulates Root Chakra)

ELEMENT: Earth & Storm


  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Personal Power
  • Elemental Magic
  • Protection


  • Shields & Strengthens the Auric Field
  • Protects Against Negative Pollutants
  • Protects Emotional and Physical Bodies


  • Intuition
  • Personal Power
  • Spiritual Development
  • Clarity
  • Scrying
  • Clairvoyance
  • Higher Guidance
  • Self-Awareness
  • Magick
  • Wholeness
  • Activates Root Chakra
  • Psychic Experiences
  • Dream State
  • Synchronicity
  • Luck
  • Self-Mastery
  • Personal Magic
  • Inner-Power
  • Manifestation

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  • Allow some to access inner gifts deep within oneself
  • Helps us tune into the language of the body
  • Rebounds harmful intents upon the user
  • Stimulates Root Chakra
  • Great to explore past lives
  • Has a vitality pursuit of the spiritual realm
  • Has a strong elector-magnetic field that surround the Aura
  • Used as a gazing stone for scrying
  • Assist in the increase of opportunities for personal good fortune
  • Increases your personal power of magic and self-mastery
  • Enhances the healing energy of healing stones
  • Facilitates journey to discovery of inner self
  • Draws on deep earth energy
  • Develops self love and acceptance of one’s personal power
  • Heals the emotional body
  • Transforms negative energy into positive energy
  • Raises the vibration of other crystals and ones energy field
  • Gives a stronger connection to the true-self
  • Connects one with the stars and higher planes of existence
  • Reminds a person that sometimes the most important thing we can do is simply to be
  • Opens the inner doors during meditation for self discovery


  • Heals Reproductive System
  • Reduces Tension & Stress
  • Beneficial For Insulin Regulation
  • Cleans The Mind
  • Stimulates Meridian Circulation
  • Fortifies The Brain
  • Treats Nervous System
  • Treats Diabetes
  • Aids Eyes & Throat

28 thoughts on “Nuummite

    • Michael, Obsidian of course is the earth made liquid then solid again.. it is very protective and will allow the truth in all aspects apparent. When wearing obsidian you are in a protected state of being and all negativity can become transmuted removed and you the wearer safe to speak and be your truth. I found my Nuummite at ” Oasis Pop Up Rock Shop “. lots of the stones you can use in healing or just because they are beautiful. The shop carries so many varieties and shapes of the stones the owners are very knowledgeable . They send yopu here to browse more information should you need it, as a quick reminder when using your stones if you cant reach them, which is never lol. They know the metaphysical properties in healing and Reiki too. Everything is online so you can look and ask questions without leaving home !

      • Many people confuse Nuummite and Obsidian. They are not the same stone/crystal…not in composition, not in applications, not in metaphysical abilities. Nuummite is the oldest mineral on Earth and is a first level premier crystal far superior to Obsidian. I wear Nuummite daily and there would be no reason to substitute a lower power, less effective, limited crystal such as Obsidian.

  1. Also to all that responded to Manuel, if you’re also still interested in being in touch to talk about this and other crystals and metaphysical matters, please do get in touch as well!
    All My Best,

  2. I find one of nuummite’s most astonishing abilities is transforming energies… Holding my hands in a prayer position with the nuummite in between my palms, I can send it some specific thing, with a clear intention that the stone transform it into a different thing.

    For anyone curious to test it, the below procedure works well. (It can also be done with DTs of the quartz family, and with labradorite too in my experience. But nuummite is especially powerful.)

    Hold your hands in a prayer position. Move the energy your preferred way– I suggest using breathing to control it, which means using only energies that are already inside you, or that you’re comfortable drawing into yourself.

    On the first few inhalations, feel out and gather the energy, and on the first few exhalations, move the energy into your mid-chest. (Or into the dantien/tanden, if you know how to work with it.) I’ll call this area the “gathering point.”

    Then for the rest of the meditation, with every out-breath, send the energy from the gathering point, through your arms, thru your palms (or the right palm if you prefer), and into the nuummite.

    Let there be a brief moment of rest before inhaling again– and in that moment, remember your intention of what energy transformation you intend.

    With every in-breath, receive energy back from the stone thru your palms (or left palm), and into the gathering point.

    Allow a brief pause before breathing out again– and in that pause, feel the energy spreading out from that gathering point, back into your whole body.

    That’s it– very simple. Summary:
    Exhaling, send energy from gathering point into stone
    Pause – remember intention to transform
    Inhaling, receive energy back from stone into gathering point
    Pause – let energy spread thru your body.

    Try every variation of this process you feel called to– nuummite is VERY adaptable — in a way, it’s like clear quartz in its ability to do anything. But unlike quartz, you don’t have to program it first. You can just grab a nuummite and do some stuff with it, as long as it’s energetically clean first. Labradorite is similar, but you need a much bigger hunk of labradorite to get the same results as a tiny piece of nuummite.

    Now the REAL question… anyone wanna try this with moldavite? =D

    • Thanks so much for the guided metatation setting an intension for Nuummite. I think this is a great way to put your intention and focus into crystals that have been smudged after personal use! Oh I’m definitely going to try this with Moldavite! Let you know how it goes!
      All My Best,

    • Haha! I have done this with Moldavite. DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR BEGINNERS! But I’ve found the combination of Nuummite and Moldavite to be very, very powerful.

  3. Hello, I have yet to purchase, but am reading all that I can to determine if I should go ahead. I do have a special pendant with a very high quality stone on hold for me and must decide today…on the 13th, a very sad event, being the loss of a beloved pet, occurred in my life and I am feeling extremely sad, and wonder if the wearing this stone might help my grief , or, draw out the negative side of my sorrow…what would you expect most likely? Thanks for a reply. Jan

  4. Nuumite also works well with another ancient stone (Shungite). I don’t have personal experience of this (Yet), but I have just read that on Crystal Vaults and I do own some Shungite, so off to buy some Nuummite today!

  5. Any time I’ve worked with Nuummite, the number of synchronicities that occur is truly remarkable. While many would say these things are down to coincidence, I know it’s down to Nuummite.

  6. I also have had experiences like this. Aside from the protection aspect of Nuummite, my Intuition is now sharper and my Personal Power raised when using this Nuummite crystal. In the case of my Intuition, I was talking to a person at an appointment and just just knew they where lying to me, while my inner voice/intuition/gut feeling confirmed this to me out loud in my head at the same time. *I also wear a labradorite crystal on me at all times*

    I also got the clear feeling that this person was also threatened by my raised personal power as I refused to accept their limited views/thoughts and would not be manipulated by them and felt their negative thoughts towards me, because of this. At other times, with other people it’s has positive energy/outcomes. Maybe it was the dark and experienced energy of this crystal and do find that negative people stay away from me know.

  7. i have just received my nuumite and was advised to use it along with cryolite and one other stone from the same region . . Will keep you advised to the effect, am verry excited .

  8. I too is using it regularly for nearly a month. Someone told me to have it on my left side if I intend to use larvikite too. So, I keep it in my left pocket and the larvikite in the right one. I meditate with it holding it in my palm whenever the opportunity arised. What is remarkable is it helps you to have mental energy and not getting carried away by thoughts which drain you out like sex

  9. I purchased a nuummite today and while I was online reading information about it, I played with it in my left (non-dominant hand). Soon I was EXHAUSTED! I couldn’t stop yawning. I wanted to crawl into bed. An article I read suggested to touch the stone to your forehead for a burst of energy. No harm, no foul, so I did it – worst that could happen is that it didn’t work, right? I went back to what I was doing and then suddenly realized I didn’t yawn since and felt totally energized.

  10. Ill be checking this site more often so any others have questions and or comments post here and Ill definitely respond THANKS!! And sorry the names Miguel not Manuel Dont know how to fix that lmao

  11. This Nuummite stone is very POWERFUL. There have not been alot of personal comments on this stone so Ive taken it upon myself to write some of my experiences with it. So the following is just MY experiences with it. My energy and experiences are unique and my NOT be the same as yours but, the overall energy of the stone should be the same that you encounter as well. For starters this stones polarity is DARK..and Experienced..not evil…but..when wearing it people might view something mysterious and dark about you. Almost how you interact with an elderly person who is wise..meaning wearing it Really does cloak you in its power. Secondly IT IS ALIVE..with arcane powers…to what extent I myself do not fully know..because of it time here upon earth is beyond that which we can transgress. IT WILL MANIFEST THINGS…Positive or Negative..depending on your ability to control your thoughts and intentions. For example..My friends van stopped in a parking lot. He told me he needed a gas can. So I began to walk to the nearest Kmart to buy one. The whole time my mind was sooo focused on this object..something remarkable happened..While passing a small apartment complex. Something literally told me GO OVER I just went..out of curiosity. Only to see to my surprise a bright red gas can right there!! So I did grab it.Use it.Then I returned it. But that is just an example of how this stone is so powerful. Now I was wearing a labradorite stone as well..but I know it was the Nuummite..It was a old power that spoke the labradorite doesn’t operate so dark. I have more info please hit me up with any questions. Im always looking for new friends that are apart of wave of a NEW SPIRITUAL AGE..

    • Hey, thank you very much for this informative comment. I am highly interested and educated in the metaphysical properties of crystals. And, I too, am always looking for others to exchange knowledge and wisdom with. You can email me at

      I await your email,

      Tyler Hebert

      • HEEY!! Im sending you an email RIGHT NOW!! I havent checked this site in a while I apologize Tyler..I didnt think anyone was going to read what I wrote haha..well I GREATLY appreciate the comment and thank you for the acknowledgement. Like I said ill be emailing you right now. Thanks Again..

    • Dear Manuel. Today I found your letter from Oktober 5 last year about christall Nuummite. I got Nuummite only month ago, but my experiencess with this christall are not the same yours. Actually I didnt noticed nothing strong, different, magic,…. In my life. I bought this christall in puose to help me change my life, because was in very difficult circumstancess. But til now nothing happens. Also I dont feel none energy by wearing it. So I wonder, mybee I should determine the purpose of this stone or mybee i missed something… Blesssings Dragica

    • I’ll be your friend. I study alchemy and love crystals and stones , nummite, stibinite, azeztulite, cinnabar, Moldavite tibetan black quarts and tibetan tektite. I’m a student of the cabala and of spiritual and practical alchemy . A student of the occult, you know, the science and wisdom throuhoit the times, Truly, I’d love to be in touch

    • Hi Miguel,
      I know you posted this in 2013 but I would love to talk about this stone and a couple others. If you’re still interested just let me know.

      All My Best,

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