“The Stone of Spiritual Elevation”


Moldavite is the catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good.

MOLDAVITE is worshiped by many for its very strong and intense vibrations. It triggers healing on all areas of the physical, mental ans spiritual bodies. The healing can occur in the physical reality, within the Chakra systems, in one’s dreams, on the spiritual dimensions, within one’s career or relationships and just about any other dimension of reality that involves crystal healing. Put your trust in Moldavite, because it already knows what it is that needs to be changed, fixed or healed. Take note, that this healing is needed to be done to allow one’s vibrations to rise to the same level as the Moldavite.

MOLDAVITE is surrounded by this alluring, yet mischievous energy. It offers healing through chaos. As they say, there’s always a storm before the calm. Moldavite brings chaos through its ability to seek into the subconscious and brings to the surface our worst fears. This process is scary, but highly beneficial. Often times, our deepest fears never reach the conscious mind due to the possibility that acknowledging them will manifest them. This causes them to remain dormant in the subconscious unknown until the moment one comes face to face with them.

MOLDAVITE is a spiritual catalyst stone and in the process of ascension, fear is the main thing blocking access to raising our vibrations and accessing higher planes of consciousness. During the process of integration we must come to realize what is illusion and what is reality. The process of shining light in the darkest corners of our being will showcase how the big monster was truly a small mouse. This clarity and reassurance is enlightening and offers the best form of purification.

However, the powerful healing properties associated with the energy of Moldavite make up for the chaos it puts one through. It must be noted, whenever SOUL is prepared to transform the personality through use of Moldavite it will manifest somehow. Honestly, like every other crystal, Moldavite will come when its energy is needed.

Once the transformation starts it’s a non stop roller coaster ride. Note, that the changes it brings can be intense and rapid, but they are significant and valuable to the individual going through the change.

I believe that this is a beneficial stone for anyone on a spiritual journey. However, it is recommended for those that are more spiritually protected, developed and evolved. One will know when it is their turn to have Moldavite join their journey.

It is known that just holding a piece of Moldavite, even for a just a second, can influence one to experience a dramatic transformation. Moldavite connects one to their higher-self, which will unleash new perceptions, illuminates new spiritual paths, brings about new awareness, grants one with a new knowing, puts one through self-healing and channels cosmic communication.

It’s energy will fully clear, balance and heal a person on all levels for elevation of consciousness to prepare them for a spiritual quest with no chance of turning back.

The spiritual energies of Moldavite stimulates spiritual awakening, spiritual elevation, spiritual development and spiritual ascension all for the purpose of spiritual discovery.


  •  DO NOT CLEANSE MOLDAVITE WITH SEA SALT. (run under cool water)

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CHAKRA(s): All, Heart & Thymus (Opens/Aligns/Activates All)


ZODIAC:  Scorpio


ELEMENT: Wood/Storm

PLANETS: Uranus/Neptune/Pluto


  • Power
  • Love
  • Healing
  • Transformation


  • From Negative Attachments
  • Spiritual Protection


  • Vivid Dreams
  • Increases synchronicity
  • Inner Sight
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Activation
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Mental Clarity
  • Ascension
  • Access to Higher-Self
  • Identifying The Shadow
  • Awareness
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Spiritual Development



  • Accelerates one’s spiritual path
  • Tunes one to their higher-self
  • A useful tool for individuals who are Clairsentient (Ability to feel/touch beyond physical senses)
  • Activation stone to propel one into spiritual transformation
  • Allows for higher spiritual beings to assist an individual in his/her spiritual evolution
  • Embraces and Empowers one’s spirit
  • Encourages the acquisition of knowledge and experience
  • Raises the consciousness of the wearer to reach higher realms
  • Clears the Aura of the wearer of any attachments
  • Assist in the full mending of the physical, mental and spiritual planes
  • Awakens the intelligence of the heart
  • Disconnects one with unhealthy attachments and addictions
  • Known to be a great spiritual catalyst
  • Heightens communication to other realms
  • Balances all of the Chakras
  • Speeds up awareness and cosmic consciousness.
  • Stimulates cooperation between life here on earth and those of an extra-terrestrial origin
  • Illuminates one’s deepest secrets
  • Sensitizes the heart to connect with the divine
  • Excellent stone for dream work and meditation
  • Its power accelerates revitalization
  • The combination of any stone with this stone will take the other stones energy up a notch



  • Clears Blockages
  • Emotional Stress/Fear/Anger/Grief
  • Ease Symptoms of Epilepsy
  • Reduces Asthma
  • Clears The Body of Toxins
  • Treats Fevers

30 thoughts on “Moldavite


  2. So I’m a fledgling mineral enthusiast. I’m mostly in it for the joy of collecting beautiful, shiny objects, but have also enjoyed reading up on the metaphysical properties of the stones I’ve been gathering, and this one gave me a double-take and I had to look into it more.

    Just last weekend I spotted some Moldavite in a local shop during what was my first visit to the establishment. Went immediately weak in the knees and hot just at the sight of it. At the time, I mistook the reaction for my (correct) assumption that there might be meteorites for sale also, which I had been lusting after for a couple of years but hadn’t pursued until that moment. Anyway, got my meteorite and a ton of other crystals and wobbled my way home with weak thighs and sweaty pits. Read about Moldavite the next day and realized that the knocking knees might have been due to its influence but shrugged it off. Sort of.
    I spent a week thinking about the Moldavite down the street and went back for it the first chance I had. That stuff screamed and called for me all week and I’d have been back the next day if I’d been able. The shopkeeper wasn’t too surprised when I went marching right up to the counter and announced I was back for it. Chose one of the more complex specimens, and while I was being rung up for it and a lovely little chunk of malachite, I picked it up and held it. It took all of about 10 seconds for my fingers and palm to start to tingle and go vaguely numb. I dropped it back on the counter and the shop keeper just chuckles and goes, “Yep.” I shake my hand out and pick it back up because I can’t stand the feel of it, but I can’t stand not holding onto it, either. I declined a bag for it, and carried it in my palm out to the car. Had to drop it in a cup holder because my hand went numb again. Heart was thumping through the whole short drive home. Carried it inside without difficulty (the malachite was a cool, soothing weight in my pocket this whole time) and placed it along with my modest collection of minerals next to the meteorite. Then I picked up the meteorite. It’s got a pretty exotic energy too but it’s much gentler and suffusive. I put it down, and switched to the moldavite, and got the tingles in both hands this time.
    Then I did something really stupid and I held them both together in my closed fist.
    Pro tip- Don’t do this. I didn’t get the tingles this time, but after a pause, my whole arm ignited into one terrible cramp. I swore, loudly, and quickly put them both back in their place. Arm ached for about 20 minutes after. It’s been about 7 hours and the moldavite is calling me again. Will be visiting it before bed…which is probably stupid too.

    • Quite strong reaction 🙂
      I collect moldavites for years, but unfortunately I don’t feel moldavite energy. Maybe I’m not so sensitive or I’m “overloded”.

  3. I recently purchased two moldavite stones: one faceted and one natural piece, both from VERY CAREFULLY researched, and what I believe to be two separate but reputable vendors from the Czech Republic, and although both pieces are pretty small (the faceted piece is 1.51 cts. and the raw piece is a 21x17x5 mm piece), I have had them for about a week now and have held BOTH pieces in my hands (left and right) and have yet to feel the “moldavite flush” that everyone is talking about. I did a significant amount of research on moldavite before I purchased this stone and have been a long-time collector of stones and crystals and can usually feel their energy right away, so I was a bit discouraged when I didn’t experience this. However, I am still hopeful that the stone is still working in my favor (or will…?) when I need it to. After reading all of the previous posts here, this seems to be what may occur. Any further advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • I bought my piece of moldevite about 6 months to 1 year ago. I did not feel a thing. I researched it because I thought maybe I needed a bigger piece, or maybe it was fake. I set it aside. Yesterday, I picked it up and for the first time, I could feel its energy.

      • Was a serious doubter….until a couple of weeks ago. I’m going through “The Flush” now. The heart palpitations have been a little scary. I received mine from Arkadia about 3/15/19 and was about to throw it away. I thought I spent $70 on crap. I hear you have to be ready for it. Moldavite seems to know when the wearer is ready. With quite a few of my different stones now, I can feel their energy with a strong tingling sensation. Nuummite started it all by making my hands tingle or vibrate like crazy (oddly enough during the IMAX movie X-Men Dark Phoenix 6/8). I thought I was losing it. I suppose now the universe feels I’m now worthy of Moldavite. Be patient. What they say is true. Weird shit is beginning to happen.

    • I feel shame 🙂 I’m a moldavite miner / collector / seller and I have not to tried meditate with a moldavite. I must definitely try it.
      Thank you

      Maybe a little thank you for your and mycrystalpedia readers – 20% discount on my eshop with moldavites:
      20% discount coupon code:MCP20
      Please apply it in Shopping cart (under list of products) before checkout.

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  7. I purchased moldavite off eBay unsure if its authentic. Any tell tell signs to look for in fakes ?;how do I store it n charge or cleanse it how do I get the full benefits of the stone

    • Hi,
      do you bought a raw moldavite or cut (faceted) moldavite?

      Cut moldavites
      Counterfeits made of glass are very homogeneous and do not, in most cases, contain impurities (bubbles, lechatelierite, etc.).

      Raw moldavites – with natural surface
      Check glossiness. Cheap fake moldavites tend to have extremely shiny and glossy surfaces.

      If you want to be sure, check this book. I will learn how to indetify natural/fake moldavite:

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  10. I was shockingly drawn to moldavite and purchased a beautiful ring (worn on my left hand) i heard that it could have heavy reations with the wearer and could amplify healing, esp in the heart. I have weird heart palpitations often and sometimes a bit of sharp pain. The other night, i wore only my moldavite ring to bed. I never wear any rings to bed which was odd in itself that i had no desire to remove along with all of my others, but kept it on. Very suddenly, i had such a strong pain in my chest, i could hardly lift my left arm without breathtaking pain or even bendforward. I tried moving and fell in an extreme panic from this onset of Pain. Forwjatever reason (i was already lying down) i reached over and pulled off the ring. Within ten seconds, i was pain free. I got super scared that something was wrong (not cause of the ring) i slipped it back on and reached for my tablet to email my friend that i was worried. Before i coukd even touch it, the pain waS back but stronger this time. It was then that i realized it was possibly from the crystal. I didnt remove it this time. I kept it on and tried to relax, pushing the panic away and concentrated on the crystal. A couple minutes later and everything was back to normal. i havent had a single palpitation since that night. No pain, more energy, and im feeling amazing!!! Purchasing a prndant now!!!!!

  11. all interesting stuff! After giving some moldavite to a friend last week, I have just received my moldavite today…and…I have already ordered a collector’s grade piece for my collection. Marcus

  12. I have this crystal (in jewellery – rings, pendant, earrings) and just wanted to let you know what my first experience using/wearing Moldavite. I was drawn to this crystal and purchased a Moldavite ring. when I first wore it, my hand and the whole of my arm became very heavy (I could not lift my arm up for five minutes) and had a kind of a unusual flush (pleasant/enjoyable) sensation at the same time. I who like to know if anyone else has experienced this?

    • I held a small piece of Moldavite in my left hand and i too felt it become very heavy… pulsing energy in my hand… very cool.

    • The flushing sensation you felt is actually called “The Moldavite Flush”
      Anyone who works with Moldavite for the first time feels this.
      I’ve already purchase one and I’m looking forward to the effects.

    • Moldavite will seek into your subconscious mind and bring your worst fears to the surface for illumination and purification. Often times these fears never reach the conscious mind and are often times unknown until the moment one comes face to face with them. Moldavite is a spiritual catalyst stone and in the process of ascension fear is the main thing blocking access to raising our vibrations to higher planes of consciousness. However, the powerful healing properties associated with the energy of Moldavite make up for the chaos it puts one through. It must be noted, whenever SOUL is prepared to transform the personality through use of Moldavite it will manifest somehow. Honestly, like every other crystal, Moldavite will come when its energy is needed.

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