“Stone of Self-Mastery”

MERLINITE is a potent catalyst for shamanic journeying and past-life recall

MERLINITE is a stone with the ability to remove the veil of illusion and allow one to explore multidimensional planes of existence co-existing with the physical plane. When the veil is removed it will open a door leading to deeper intuitive spiritual knowledge, awareness and communication. If one is comfortable with making such connections, great service is possible. As this ability continues being developed one may be visited by various souls, those of relatives and friends to some unknown sources and beings, who may have messages for people on the physical plane.

MERLINITE connects to a realm of mysticism and magic for the sole purpose of spiritual development.

MERLINITE can help one become more aware of the subtle movement of energy. It may reveal one’s deepest motivations, conscious and unconscious, assisting in connecting with and integrating the shadow self. aiding in recognizing one’s most basic nature as a creation of the mind of the Divine. This will lead one into the void of consciousness from which all was created, which makes this a powerful ally for shamanic work, magical practices, spiritual development and healing.

MERLINITE can assist one in contacting souls of the deceased to relay messages to the living.

MERLINITE can aid in the learning of all types of magical and mystical abilities. It can open psychic channels to attract teachers from other planes to assist in one’s ‘studies’ during the dream state or while in meditation. It facilitates spiritual progression through one learning the fundamentals of astrology, tarot, scrying, numerology and other occult sciences.

MERLINITE connects one to all the other elemental forces – Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Storm.


CHAKRA(s): Solar Plexus & Third-Eye

ZODIAC: Gemini



ARCHANGEL: St. Germaine


  • Luck
  • Power
  • Magic


  • Dispels Negative Energy
  • From Embodying Difficult Energies


  • Magical Abilities
  • Deep Intuition
  • Past-Life Recall
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Mediumship
  • Synchronicities
  • Psychic Knowing
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Spirit Communication



  • Evokes the realm of dreams
  • Teaches fundamental of mysticism
  • Makes recollection of past incarnations much more vivid
  • Activates ‘inner radar’ ensuring past life experiences to be relevant in relation to one’s current needs
  • Removes the veil between the spiritual and the physical planes
  • Assist one in contacting souls from the other side
  • Opens one’s energy field to its innate capacity to serve as a channel for manifestation
  • Can teach one to influence outer elemental processes
  • Assist light workers in understanding how to utilize lower-frequency energy effectively
  • Truly a stone of self-mastery
  •  It facilitates reading the Akashic Record
  • Helps one to see the greatest beauties in life
  • Aids communication with archetypal energies of nature (plant devas, animal spirits & elemental allies)
  • Allows one to see there are truly no mistakes in life
  • Encourages self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love
  • Gives one the courage to face one’s shadow self and consciously integrate that aspect
  • Reminds one that spirit is eternal and lasts beyond the physical
  • Heals spiritual wounds
  • Can assist one to move into more light-centered energies
  • Balances Yin-Yang energy (masculine and feminine energies)



  • Aids Healing of Physical Heart
  • Helps Counter Headaches
  • Stabilizes Nervous System
  • Spiritual Wounds

10 thoughts on “Merlinite

  1. I have found there to be a tremendous amount of information (especially photos) on the internet with regard to the incorrect labeling of merlinite (aka: dendritic agate) and indigo gabbro (aka: mystic merlinite), so it is nice to read posts where people like Tyler Hebert and Cat Camp explain the difference between the two PROPERLY. I am a long-time collector of stones and crystals myself and own a big, beautiful piece of dendritic agate (Merlinite), so believe me, I know the difference.
    Thank you both for your wisdom and great comments.

  2. This stone should be listed under “Indigo Gabbro”. Too many people are unable to find it listed under this name of Merlinite. Also….. can’t find Dragon Septarian in your database. What’s up with that?

    • Indigo Gabbro and Merlinite (Dendritic Agate) or two very different stones, so it shouldn’t be listed under Indigo Gabbro. That will further confuse people.

      • The real geological name for Mystic Merlinite
        (not to be mistaken for Merlinite) is Indigo Gabbro. A trademark was attempted on the name “Mystic Merlinite” but never was successfully completed. Therefore, the stone was named Indigo Gabbro. However, the stone is still associated with and can be found under the name Mystic Merlinite.

        Now Merlinite, aka Dendritic Agate, is actually a dendritic agate that is mostly white with black Dendrite “branches”; Merlinite is a combination of quartz (the white parts found in the stone) over psilomelane (the black specks found in the stone)

        Mystic Merlinite/Indigo Gabbro has an appearance totally different than that of Merlinite/Dendrite Agate. The two stones also share no metaphysical associations with each other nor do they vibrate at the same frequency.

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