“The Stone of Nature”

 low-temperature Serpentine mineral

Lizardite, a form of Serpentine, is an earthly stone that has a strong healing vibration that aids meditation and spiritual expectation. The vibration of this stone opens and clears all of the Chakras. It attunes one with nature, which helps assist communication with the Delvic Realm.

Motivates one to explore and connect with nature.


CHAKRA(s): All (Opens all Chakras)

Chemical Composition: Mg3Si2O5(OH)4


  • Love
  • Healing
  • Protection


  • Protects Against Poisonous Creatures (Snakes, Insects, etc.)


  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Psychic Communication
  • Etheric Healing


  • Clears energy blockages within the Charkras
  • Makes for an exceptional meditation stone
  • Boost concentration and clears the mind during meditation
  • Used to clear energy blocks within the meridians
  • Motivates one to explore and connect with nature
  • Assists in communication with the Delvic Realm
  • Balances mood swings
  • Stimulates a peaceful mind to aid solving conflicts


  • Treats Diabetes
  • Harmonizes Mineral Absorption
  • Eases Kidney and Stomach Pain
  • Relaxes Cramps
  • Relieves Menstrual Pain
  • Helps women reach an orgasm

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