“The Stone of Purity & Truth”

Garnet is known to be a symbol of glory, love, regeneration, stability, beauty, truth and persistence. When one wears Garnet as a piece of jewelry, it has the potential to lift one’s confidence and bring about a new sense of popularity. For as long as I can remember, it has been known to be the warriors stone.

CHAKRA(s): Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Throat

Energy Vibration: 11

Element: Fire

Zodiac: AquariusLeoCapricornVirgo

Planet: Mars

Birthstone: JanuaryFebruaryMayOctober


  • Luck
  • Money
  • Love
  • Healing


  • Guards Against Gloomy Thoughts
  • Protects From Evil
  • Protects During Travel


  • Life Power
  • Success In Business
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Truth
  • Intuition
  • Spiritual Healing


  • Brings consistency to friendships
  • Place on desk to stimulate success in business
  • Guards one against gloomy or negative thoughts
  • Place under pillow to cure depression
  • Reduces and eliminates self-sabotage whether conscious or unconscious
  • Enhances sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy, in a balanced way
  • Can be used to release bad karma


  • Cleans & Purifies Thyroid & Spleen
  • Heals the BloodLungsHeart
  • Cures Acid Reflux
  • Stabilizes Hemorrhage
  • Purifies DNA/RNA/Cellular Structure

5 thoughts on “Garnet

  1. Silent Saturn says:

    From personal experience with this stone: if you are a parent, garnet is a great stone to give to children who are traveling, being bullied at school, or just need a boost. I found that I get a feeling of fatherly protection from my garnet. I got it as a gift from my father when I was just a baby and whenever I wear it, it doesn’t matter where I am, I feel like I’m being protected by him.

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  2. Christina Castine says:

    This is my ‘go-to’ site for crystal information. Love how thorough you are! I recommend it to all my fellow crystal enthusiasts.

    P.S. I noticed you don’t have blue calcite or calcite in general’s one of my favorite stones. Can you please add it?! 🙂

    Many blessings!

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