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“Stone of Alchemical Transformation”

GALENA is known as the ‘Earth Stone’ fir its spectacular grounding properties. It has the vibrational pattern of lead, which stimulates the process of alchemical self-transformation.  GALENA is able to balance your life in all aspects & on all levels – harmonizing your physical, etheric & spiritual planes. This will aid in bringing one back into the initial state of purified physicality making it a magnificent stone for initiating the process of awakening.

GALENA helps in retrieving lost parts of the soul.

GALENA is an excellent tool in discovering insight on the psycho-spiritual source of one’s problems. This will promote moving toward a more healed state of being. Galena can assist one in past-life regression work. It will guide one to see and heal issues most important to the individual at the time.

GALENA will reflect light into the deepest darkest regions of one’s shadow self.

GALENA will lend one the courage to face and embrace the deepest and most feared regions of one’s own soul. It encourages compassion, love, tolerance and peace as one learns to accept the aspects of oneself one has long feared. This will lead one to experience bliss through deep healing of the spirit.

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CHAKRA(s): Root



  • Transformation
  • Grounding
  • Healing


  • Against Radiation and Electromagnetic Pollution
  • Against Psychic Attack


  • Soul Retrieval
  • Alchemical Self-Transformation
  • Past-Life Recall
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Enlightenment
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Soul Journeying



  • A wonderful stone for taking one on the journey into the underworld
  • Helps retrieve lost parts of the soul
  • Allows one to perceive all aspects of the self
  • Helps one reclaim their individual power
  • Reminds one of the light surrounding the darkness
  • Helps one overcome deep-seated fears
  • Encourages one to utilize the power of the spirit
  • Allows one to maintain connection with the Divine
  • Allows one to move rapidly into resonance with the energies of Earth
  • Can be programmed for Earth healing
  • Helps counter radiation and electromagnetic pollution


  • Treats Infection
  • Supports Treatment of Cancer
  • Aids In Overcoming Addiction
  • Supports Detoxification

4 thoughts on “Galena

  1. I have had this stone in my collection since childhood but I never knew what it was. I thought it was raw hematite but the woman who owns the spiritual shop in town told me it wasn’t and that she didn’t know what it was. Now that I know I am very excited about where it will take now that I understand it’s intent. Thanks for your wonderful resource!

  2. Incredible. I saw a car with an Indiana plate (a state I am visiting for a wedding in the near future) turn onto Galena. I felt like there was a message in the name…had no idea it was a stone too. This totally confirms my suspicions :). Thank you for such a LOVELY and ORGANIZED (easy-to-navigate) site! ❤

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