Dravite Rough“The Stone of The Shadow Self”

Dravite, also known as Brown Tourmaline, is a stone not most know about, but need to be informed of. Especially those whom venture off and start their spiritual journey. The main reason is because Dravite helps us understand our shadow self, that which is the unconsciousness. It does this by bringing the shadow self to full consciousness.

dravite tumbled

Chakras: Root & Heart


  • Grounding
  • Healing
  • Self-Awareness


  • Earth
  • Storm


  • From Self Destruction

Dravite Brown Tourmaline-500x500

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Helps one relax, release and become centered
  • Aids in seeing aspects of self one has hidden
  • Helps one lovingly identity what needs to release in order to heal
  • Raises the aspect of self to full consciousness
  • Stimulates grounding and links a strong connection to the Earth
  • Lends one a sense of well-being and competence
  • Aids in finding emotional strength
  • Helps overcome addiction and stops self-abusive behavior

Dravite Polished

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