GUARDIANITE “The Guardian Stone” High Vibration Crystal GUARDIANITE  is a very complex material, as it is composed of Aegirine, Feldspar, Nepheline, Analcime, Tiebeckite-Arfvedsonite, Biotite, Olivine and Apatite. Heals the souls through facilitating remembrance of past lives. It is a stone of a very high vibration with an infusion of life force, grounding, strength and protection. […]



CHIASTOLITE “The Cross Stone” CHIASTOLITE is a highly protective stone best known for its ability of psychic resistance. It also has the ability to shield the aura from being drained as well as shields against any kind of negative energy. CHIASTOLITE  is beneficial to anyone working on uncovering hidden knowledge or decoding ancient text/symbols. Chiastolite […]



RED SELENITE (aka Red Satin Spar) “Stone of Emotional Transformation” RED SELENITE has this subtle warm female polarity. It works well with other crystals and also does wonders when used alone. It’s an extraordinary healer that digs deep down into the emotions. Red Selenite has all the properties of White Selenite, connecting even more strongly to the […]


Calligraphy Script

CALLIGRAPHY SCRIPT (aka Shu Fa Stone) “Stone of Akashic Record Recall” The Calligraphy Stone originates from the Himalayan Mountains of India. It is a beautiful naturally occurring fossil shell that is combined with Hematite Iron stone. This stone has a very calm vibration, which is very soothing and comforting to the energy body. “Calligraphy Stone […]

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Abalone Shell

ABALONE SHELL “The Stone of The Sea” Abalone comes from a shell with various different colors that represents the beautiful colors of the open sea. The vibrations of this stone is known to open one up to emotional expression. When held it relaxes and calms. It teaches one about the everlasting changes of all beauty […]

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Aqua Aura: Spiritual Elevation

AQUA AURA (Spirit Quartz Infused With Gold) “The Stone of Spiritual Elevation” High Vibration Crystal Aqua Aura is the stone of spiritual elevation, which aids spiritual growth through the development of psychic gifts and communication.  It has an intense vibration that is known to activate the soul energy of a person, along with activating all […]

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