“The Goddess Stone”


“Stone of Death and Rebirth”


“Stone of Angelic Connection”


“Stone of Divine Inspiration”

Aqua Aura: Spiritual Elevation

AQUA AURA (Spirit Quartz Infused With Gold) “The Stone of Spiritual Elevation” High Vibration Crystal Aqua Aura is the stone of spiritual elevation, which aids spiritual growth through the development of psychic gifts and communication.  It has an intense vibration that is known to activate the soul energy of a person, along with activating all…


HELIODOR (aka GOLDEN BERYL) “The Stone of Golden Light” HELIODOR, aka Golden Beryl, radiates the warmth of the sun with the celestial golden ray of higher knowledge. It stimulates the higher mind and enables the mind to function more frequently. It is the ultimate confidence and well-being crystal. The vibration of this crystal has the…