“The Stone of Revelation”

Cavansite is the stone of revelation and prophesy. It aids a comfortable transition through an important life change. It protects against any disease and blocks them from occurring. Cavanite is quite rare and usually highly expensive.  However, it is a great stone to have.

Chakra(s): Third-EyeCrown

Element: Wind


  • Power
  • Love
  • Healing


  • Against Disease
  • Against Negative Energy
  • Protects The Mind, Body and Soul


  • Spiritual Breakthrough
  • Clear Insight
  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Channeling
  • Psychic Gifts (All)
  • Intuition
  • Automatic Writing
  • Thoughtful Behavior
  • Consideration


  • Connects Third-Eye and Throat Chakras for incredible insight
  • Clears and activates all of the Chakras
  • Helps to channel spiritual information for better understanding
  • Aids one to get in touch with their spirit guide
  • It sharpens intellect
  • Aids one to discover their true method of personal psychic abilities
  • Opens the door to truth
  • Calms the emotional body and nervous system
  • Connects one with spirit
  • Helps one remember information from meditation
  • Allows one to accept who they are for who they are
  • Brings extraordinary joy and peace to harmonize one’s life
  • Place by the doorway to protect the home from negative energy


  • Heals The Mind, Body and Soul
  • Psychic Healing
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Relieve Stress


Enhance Psychic Abilities: Apophyllite

Enhance Communication: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite

Help Open The Heart Chakra: Stilbite

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