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“Stone of Death & Rebirth”

Goethite helps attune to the ethereal.

Goethite, is a stone with frequencies vibrating powerful healing energies. This stone has many advantages when it comes assisting one with its metaphysical properties. However, one of it’s most beneficial abilities is its potential to heal through grief by diving deep into the self to dig up wounds buried within the unconscious.

Goethite is a stone for discovering and then enhancing the soul life.

Goethite, also, has the ability to bring one into confrontation with the true core of their reality. This will result in the recovery of things once lost, along with the surfacing of repressed grief, which is a primal emotion poorly handled in modern society. Grief will bring tears and tears showcase a sign of healing.

Excellent for assisting walk-ins and inter-dimensionals in connecting to Earth’s vibration

Goethite stimulates the emotional body within the etheric body. In return, one will become more consciously aware of the emotions throughout their entire spectrum. It help open the heart and awakens one to compassion and love.

Goethite is a powerful aid to artists, writers and musicians. 

Goethite stimulates the mind to move into the stage of recognition, the need to face and sort through, and let go of any shadows of the self that are held within but locked away. Goethite helps in conquering the “shadow self” never to be heard or seen again. It also helps to see the “shadow self” in a positive light. It then leads into the stages of integrating and letting go to ascend into higher states of consciousness.

Encourages one to look within, face and conquer the “Shadow Self”.



CHAKRA(s): Root, Sacral, Third-Eye & Crown (ALIGNS ALL CHAKRAS)





  • Grounding
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Transformation


  • Protects From Evil


  • Past Life Recall
  • Artistic Creativity

  • Passion
  • Love
  • Akashic Records
  • Emotional Restoration
  • Attunement To Nature
  • Clairaudience
  • Integrating Personality & Soul
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Deep Intelligence
  • Recognition
  • Grounding
  • Holographic Re-Patterning




  • Allows access to Akashic records
  • Clears and activates Base chakra
  • Aligns all the chakras
  • Holds the template of the Earth’s evolutionary story
  • Encourages a deeper connection with Earth
  • Enhances the discovery of soul life
  • Easy to program with your intentions
  • Aids one in letting go of what no longer matches souls vibration
  • Easy in using it to program intentions
  • Fortifies the letting go of fear based beliefs
  • Helps find a link between the self and the Earth
  • Balances the negative and positive
  • Links one to the perceptions, emotions and energies of the body
  • Brings one into confrontation with the core realities of life
  • Helps one access generic memory
  • Encourages one to look within and face the “Shadow Self”
  • Transforms old unconscious beliefs into new vibrations of conscious awakened desires
  • Encourages rationality and detailed thinking
  • Used to reach one’s personal and ancestral history
  • Excellent grounding stone, especially those finding it hard existing in a physical body
  • Excellent for connecting to Earth’s vibration
  • Assist one in making deep inner journeys
  • Makes for a wonderful wishing stone
  • Aids in bringing ones wishes and dreams into reality
  • Helps invigorate the emotions
  • Used for holographic re-patterning
  • Frequencies vibrate powerful healing energies
  • Can dispel overly intense emotional energy
  • Able to clear patterns of genetic memory passed down from ancestors or immediate family



  • Encourages Healing Through Grief
  • Strengthens The Blood
  • Assists In Oxygenation
  • Energetically Stimulates Bone Marrow/Bone Marrow Growth
  • Assists The Body In Mending After Physical Trauma

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