Healing Crystals

Activating Your Crystal


Follow These Simple Steps:
– Sit in lotus style, place the crystal in the palm of your left hand and close your eyes.
– Put your focus on the crystal and take 3 deep breaths.
– Imagine the Chakra in the palm of your hand spinning.
– Now, state to yourself or out loud “I wish to connect to the energy of this crystal at this time.”
– Take 2 more deep breaths holding each inhale for 8 seconds.
– Now, imagine white light coming from the heavens, entering through the crystal and then into your palm and circulating throughout your body.
– Last, place your right hand 2 inches above your left hand. You should be able to feel the energy of the crystal.
– Finish by thanking the crystal for connecting with you and open your eyes.

Remember, if you wish to heal, protect or stimulate something, you must enforce it by asking the crystal.

Are You Properly Connected?
– When you are properly connected to the crystal you should feel it vibrating or pulsating in your hand. If you do not feel the energy, try this technique over again with more focus. Believe in yourself. If you feel the energy, great! You can either begin wearing the crystal, or you can place it in your pocket. Keep it in your energy field for at least 3 days straight for best results.


7 thoughts on “Activating Your Crystal

  1. How do you bless crystals with incantation? Ive cleasned my crystals in fresh sea water and are now directly under the full moon.
    Please solve my confusion! Thank you!

    • I would suggest Moldavite, Black Kyanite, Nuummite, Blue Kyanite, Aqua Aura and/or Tanzine Aura. Moldavite is the stone of spiritual transformation, as it is the spiritual catalyst. If you can’t afford one, then any of the others would work to help trigger the access of spiritual progression. Good Luck! Let me know how everything goes, or if you need any further information.

      • Thank you so much for your help and concern.. I have several pieces of NC mountain blue kyanite so I’ll use a piece of that for now. I’m quite pleased that I found this site too! ;D

  2. I’m just learning about crystals. This blog looks very helpful indeed. May I ask, is “activating” a crystal, the same as “programming” it?

    • Welcome to the Crystal family! We are glad to have you! Activating a crystal is not the same as programming a crystal. When we activate a crystal we connect our energies with the energies of the crystal. The crystal will then heal parts of the crystalline structure of the human it feels needs it. When we program the crystal we ask for it to heal a certain part of our being. See the difference?

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