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“The Spiritual Catalyst Stone”

High Vibration Crystal

MOLDAVITE is a beneficial stone for anyone on a spiritual journey. It will shine light on the purpose behinds ones life. Beware, the vibrations of this stone are very powerful. It is known that just holding a piece of Moldavite, even for a just a second, can influence one to experience a dramatic transformation.

MOLDAVITE is popular amongst the new age circles today for its metaphysical abilities to outspiritual awakening and personal evolution capabilities. 

MOLDAVITE connects one to their higher-self, which will unleash new perceptions, illuminates new spiritual paths, brings about new awareness, grants one with a new knowing, puts one through self-healing and channels cosmic communication.

The spiritual energies of Moldavite can and will actively without intention facilitate the process of spiritual awakening. Take note, any one who is not ready for change should not be in contact with the vibration of such a stone. Just being around a Moldavite can trigger a person to go through a transformation. It’s energy will fully clear, balance and heal a person on all levels for elevation of consciousness to prepare them for a spiritual quest with no chance of turning back.



– DO NOT CLEANSE MOLDAVITE WITH SEA SALT. (run under cool water)



CHAKRA(s): All, Especially The Heart, Third-Eye & Crown



  • Power
  • Love
  • Healing
  • Transformation


  • From Negative Attachments
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Prevents negative energies and entities from connecting with or clinging to one’s aura


  • Vivid Dreams
  • Increases synchronicity
  • Inner Sight
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Activation
  • Ascension
  • Access to Higher-Self
  • Co-operation
  • Awareness
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Personal Evolution
  • Personal Development
  • Intuition
  • Telepathy
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Emotional Evolution



  • Accelerates one’s spiritual path
  • the power of this stone can act on and open all chakras and enhance any spiritual pursuit.
  • Tunes one to their higher-self
  • A useful tool for individuals who are Clairsentient (Ability to feel/touch beyond physical senses)
  • Activation stone to propel one into spiritual transformation
  • Allows for higher spiritual beings to assist an individual in his/her spiritual evolution
  • Embraces and Empowers one’s spirit
  • Encourages the acquisition of knowledge and experience
  • Raises the consciousness of the wearer to reach higher realms
  • Clears the Aura of the wearer of any attachments
  • Assist in the full mending of the physical, mental and spiritual planes
  • Awakens the intelligence of the heart
  • Disconnects one with unhealthy attachments and addictions
  • Known to be a great spiritual catalyst
  • Heightens communication to other realms
  • Balances all of the Chakras
  • Speeds up awareness and cosmic consciousness.
  • Stimulates cooperation between life here on earth and those of an extra-terrestrial origin
  • Illuminates one’s deepest secrets
  • Sensitizes the heart to connect with the divine
  • Excellent stone for dream work and meditation
  • Its power accelerates revitalization
  • The combination of any stone with this stone will take the other stones energy up a notch


  • Clears Blockages
  • Emotional Stress/Fear/Anger/Grief
  • Ease Symptoms of Epilepsy
  • Reduces Asthma
  • Clears The Body of Toxins
  • Treats Fevers


Amplify Moldavites Energies: Clear Quartz

Aid Connection To The Light: Nirvana Quartz, Cryolite, Hollandite Quartz

Stabilize Moldavites Energies: Rhodonite, Larimar & Staurolite

Increase Spiritual Transformation: Zircon

Gain Deeper Spiritual Insight: Pietersite

Strengthen Psychic Protection: Tourmilated Quartz & Black Tourmaline

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  3. For expelling energy stealing chakra cords, place over the affected chakra and hold it there for some minutes. It’s great!

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